Couples Counseling

One of my favorite types of work to do is couples counseling.  This distinguishes me from many therapists.  Couples counseling provides many opportunities for growth, resolution, peace-making, and acceptance; and it can be enlightening in a way that individual therapy may not be.  Many people approach couples counseling with trepidation.  This is easy to understand, but most of them find after a few sessions that their fear was unnecessary.  Some people feel their way of being may be condemned, but they are usually surprised to find affirmation and acceptance of their point of view.  I am very open to diverse belief systems, lifestyles, and ways of being in relationship.  The important thing is that the couple finds a way of relating that works for them.   In addition to my clinical training, I have formal training in mediation.  I often draw on these skills in couples counseling.

The research of the Gottman Institue forms the cornerstone to my methodology for working with couples.  Drs. John and Julie Gottman have done the most extensive research of anyone on how successful couples make their relationships work.  They are both psychologists and researchers, as a well as a married couple themselves.  They are highly respected in the field of couples therapy, and I encourage you to check out their books, seminars, and other resources at