Individual Adult Counseling Services

I offer individual counseling services to adults in a wide array of areas.  Primarily, I work with people who can benefit from someone who is good at listening and offering support and alternative perspectives.  I offer suggestions when asked, but I have a great deal of respect for individual choices and approaches to life.  I do not offer “one-size-fits-all” kinds of solutions.  I want to make sure I understand the unique things about you and your situation before I jump in and offer advice.

I work with people on issues such as depression, anxiety, psychological trauma, and adjustment difficulties.  Much of the time I work with people on common, everyday problems such as relationship issues.  That can take place in the form of individual counseling, or it can involve multiple parties such as a significant other, family member, or friend.  (See Couples Counseling and Adolescent Counseling.)  A good deal of my work involves helping people make adjustments to challenging circumstances in their lives, such as a significant loss, a difficult change, or an uncertain future.  The formal name for this, which is recognized by insurance companies, is “Adjustment Disorder.”  This simply means that a person is having difficulty adjusting to an experience, something that is experienced by a great many people.

Many of my clients are struggling with important decisions to make.  Very often, life’s challenges can feel overwhelming.  There are many reasons that people feel that they could or should be more satisfied in their relationships, careers, personal endeavors, or other aspects of their lives.  I use a multi-layered approach to help people assess all aspects of their situation and decide what will bring them the greatest possible happiness.  Sometimes they determine that there are concrete things they need to change in their lives, such as changing a job or career, modifying a relationship, or changing old patterns or habits.  Other times, even if things are difficult, people determine that the best thing they can do is come to terms with and accept circumstances against which they have been struggling.  Acceptance of things we cannot change is a necessary ingredient in happiness.

My philosophy and approach are rooted in a humanistic view.  I do not believe that anyone knows all the answers or the best course of action all the time.  Still, people can benefit a great deal from a healthy relationship with a compassionate counselor who is unbiased and not involved in other facets of their lives.  I help my clients find their own solutions to life’s difficulties.  Please see “About Mark” for more information on my general approach and theoretical orientation.